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Tink Engineering leads the customer through the engineering process, from simple design to full turnkey build to spec projects.

Our engineering solutions combines design knowledge, experience and expertise from multiple disciplines to provide the source for your product design and development needs. Our wide range of engineering services is designed to fit your every engineering need.

We can provide an independent look at your project to come up with alternative solutions and approaches to your design challenges and a wide range of operational services for various industrial fields:

Prototype Building To produce electronic products, it is crucial to first build an accurate prototype that serves as the basis for mass production.

We have the expertise to build precise prototypes for your products, making it easy to transition to mass production without the need for redefining the processes, thus saving unnecessary expenses.

Electronic Assembly: We offers services for assembling electronic circuits based on existing product specifications for a wide range of needs. We have automatic assembly lines with the technological capability to assemble small and large components, as well as special components such as BGA as required. We also have an automatic optical inspection (AOI) system to ensure high-quality products.

Turnkey Projects Customized EMS (electronic manufacturing system) including all required services: professional planning of electronic products, procurement of PCBs and components, production and assembly of circuit boards, integration into a complete product according to specifications, and final supply to the end customer.

Integration and Packaging We provide tailored electronic packaging solutions for different product needs using high-quality, durable materials that provide excellent protection over time. Our expert team can offer a complete integrated solution, including functional and packaging tests, up to delivery to the end customer.

All of Our services are provided by a team of experienced and professional experts, who are entrusted with the execution of the work according to the exact needs of the customer and the provision of professional solutions during and after the work.

We offer comprehensive development, design, and prototyping services for electronic products.

Tink integration department provides system integration services and system and technology integration development testing. Our professional teams are accustomed to working on dozens of projects simultaneously.

Why you need prototyping services?

Prototyping is an essential and vital step in the production process of a new product. It examines the efficiency and feasibility of the process to reach an optimal final product. Our team of top-level experts takes on the responsibility of planning and building a perfect prototype to meet your needs. Since we have already designed and built production processes, the transition to mass production will be fast, easy and cost-effective Reliable and professional planning process.